Bob and Greg have been friends since they both were 9 years old.  They both grew up in Goleta, California, riding bikes down State Street, hiking in the Los Padres wilderness and going to Goleta beach.  We would surf, skim board, skateboard, skin dive and scuba dive at Goleta Beach until we both left to go to college, get married and start a career. Bob ended up in Seattle and Greg is back in Santa Barbara after 20+ years in Southern California and Vail, Colorado.

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Bob Kiel lives and works in Seattle, Washington.  He is the Chief Systems Engineer at the Seattle Aquarium, where he has worked for 30 years.  Bob and his family visit Goleta and Santa Barbara regularly to visit family and friends living in the area.  He remembers diving the sand-dwelling kelp beds along the Channel mainland coast as a teenager and is determined to find a way to restore them.   

Greg Christman is an architect in Santa Barbara, California.  He left Goleta in 1976, to live in Huntington Beach, then Riverside, CA, then Vail, Colorado.  In 1999, after 5 years of  frozen toes and dry gills, Greg returned to Santa Barbara. Greg has drawn the maps, played photographer / videographer and restored our "work" boat, the Amanda.


The Amanda is a 1959 Thompson, 17', wooden lapstrake, outboard boat.  Greg bought it from a Craigslist post that said it was the same boat used in Seahunt, the 1960's diving TV show with Lloyd Bridges.  Greg completely restored her - brightwork, paint, steering, motor electrical... everything.  Bob and Greg have used the Amanda for most of the initial survey work, all of the phase I installation and follow-up surveys.  She's tired now, we are going to need a new workhorse for phases II and III.